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The scribe and owner of Al Fresco Fitness having a well earned rest after the 1st leg of the Lyon-Mt Blanc-Lyon cyclesportive 2010.

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Based locally - Jersey, Channel Islands - Al Fresco Fitness (along with DrinkFoodSocial Multi Sport) was formed during the month of May 2006.

It's aim's are simple, it's goal's are simple.

It's founder has difficulty in understanding how sport's club's - not just cycling - make life difficult for themselves. Having travelled the world, competing or training, it seem's to be the Jersey way to make life hard, not just for other people but for themselves as well. Sport is a very important, fitness is very important, whether it be at school - where the future of the islands sporting teams lie - or during our life's. This is also something which I have difficulty in understanding, when a club or organisation tries to arrange a sporting event the number of people against the proposed event is frightening, why? what actual harm does it do? I know those comments will anger many people, but sometimes people need to have a good long hard look in a mirror and maybe question what they see.

Please feel free to browse through the site, hopefully you'll find some things of use, enjoy.

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