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You only get out what you put in.

Managing an Injury - A personal viewpoint from experience

Drugs in Sport

Court of Arbitration for Sport.




Starter Training


Before starting your training (what ever that might be) talk to someone. There is nothing worse than going in 'blind'.

Always have an 'aim'.

It doesn't matter what that 'aim' is but have one.

Below you will find information on how to train (basic and starter), whether its cycling, swimming or running. Training programs (starter packs) are for downloading in an effort to 'kick start' anyone who is 'new' to the training program system.

For more 'in depth' and 'specific' training plans please contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.

If you are new, then my biggest piece of advice to you is always keep a diary of what you do. That means everything(!)

Try this food management program - myfitnesspal - it really is quite good (!)

Health and Nutrition Starting Point through and have a read.....

But remember above all......FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK (!!!).... its all about managing a regular and varied intake of food.


Training Advice Sheets
ABC of nutritional ergogenic aids and dietary supplements
What should we look for
How much is necessary to produce an effect?
Where do I find Caffeine in my Diet?
Influence of bicarbonate on exercise performance
Glutamine and infection
What does glutamine do?
Nutrition for Sports Performance
The Athlete's Diet
Diet & Performance
Nutrition for Distance Running
Energy for Work
Energy from Food & Energy for Work
How Much Food?
Energy from Food
Energy Intake and Body Fat
Energy from Food and Energy for Work


Running Starter packs are - here

Swimming Starter packs are - here.


Outdoor Plans

Whether your aiming to be a professional or just a weekend warrior, contact Tony @ Flamme Rouge and he'll set you straight

Indoor Cycling Sessions

Aerobic ........ Hills........Intervals..........Power........Sprint


Training camps(?) ...well thats a personal thing really, personally I enjoy Majorca, great biking country, the variation of routes allows you to challenge yourself whilst enjoying some great views. You might like training in a group, there's loads of venues out there, if you ride in a group now ask them what they do (although there's not many that venture further that St Catherines!!) no offence intended but we do live on an Island and there's only so many ways of going round the rock..



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